Offering pro bono experience strategy & design services

With the end of my full-time contract last week, I’m left with some free time, staring at too many job postings in banking and e-commerce, too few in purpose-driven enterprise. I want to do more than earn a paycheck; there must be a better justification than “ROI” for those 40 hours per week. I’ll be looking (as quickly as possible) for a new job or freelance/consulting gig, but that still leaves a gap in my schedule, so I’m trying something new…

I’m offering three weeks of pro bono experience strategy, design, or information architecture consulting, between November 12 and November 30, to the first taker. For this to work, your organization must:

  1. Be a nonprofit (any designation) or a deserving social enterprise, preferably in the Boston area, that could not otherwise afford such services.
  2. Not be part of a partisan political campaign, or part of a cause that conflicts with my ethical principles.
  3. Have a need or opportunity where my skills could be of use.

Three weeks isn’t a lot of time (especially with a holiday in the middle), but it’s something I can do now, and it could go longer if I’m available past November 30.

We’ll start with a short conversation to discuss how we might be able to work together. Here are a few examples of things I’d enjoy doing:

  • Help you evaluate your service through the eyes of your customers/clients/patients/users. Are they having good experiences? Are there problems you don’t know about? I can sit in your lobby and interview people. I can help you write a survey so you can gather your own feedback and measure it over time. I can audit your website, forms, or other technology to make sure they are easily usable.
  • Diagnose an experience issue or opportunity. Are people having difficulty with a service, website, or other touchpoint? Are they not taking the actions you expected, or are they asking for technical help too frequently? Let’s investigate.
  • Coordinate and align your website, communication, customer service, and other touchpoints. Does one hand know what the other is doing, or do things slip through the cracks? Are you communicating the same messages and providing consistent information in different places? I can audit the current situation and/or help build a framework for better continuity in the future.
  • Evaluate and organize your content and/or technology solutions, overall or for a specific initiative. Whether it’s technology roadmapping and selection, content strategy, information architecture, or project planning, taking a little time for holistic planning helps build a cohesive ecosystem that will continue to serve you for years. I can jump in at any stage and help identify the next steps and/or people you’ll need after I’ve left.
  • Other activities. Collaborative design sessions, odd jobs, fixing little things, thinking through big things, anything else you can think of…

What I am not offering: Graphic/visual design, web page design, web/software development or coding, or advertising/marketing services. My skills complement all of these areas, and I can partner with other staff or volunteers who do that work, but these aren’t my area of focus.

If you know anyone who could use my help, please pass this on. Please contact me at dan at and tell me a little about what you’re working on.

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