Dan Zollman

Information architecture, design, and strategy

Information architecture & UX strategy consulting

I offer the deep insight you need to tackle your messiest user experience problems.

Through thoughtful information architecture, I make complex experiences easy to navigate for their users and actionable for the teams who build and manage them.

I’ve untangled the mess for organizations who were struggling to manage sprawling bodies of content, complicated software workflows, and gnarly customer service issues.

My colleagues appreciate me for the clarity I bring to these murky situations—tracing the layers of people, process, knowledge, and technology under the surface. My work provides teams with the blueprints to strategically align these elements toward a better and more manageable user experience.


I use information architecture, UX design, and service design techniques to increase teams’ understanding and alignment on how they can improve UX/CX outcomes.

As a collaboration with you and your team, these activities cut through the “mess” to define strategic problems and solutions. Along the way, you’ll level-up your UX capabilities.

Three boxes connected by lines, suggesting a sitemap

Information architecture (IA) for content-driven websites

IA is the structural design of digital environments to make it easy for customers to find and understand information. IA defines how a system will be organized and may include content models, sitemaps, and the design of navigation menus or workflows.

Thumbnail of an experience map

Experience mapping and analysis

By establishing a cross-functional, bird’s-eye view, mapping builds team confidence in how current or proposed solutions fit together and how they impact UX/CX.

Circles of different sizes against two axes

User experience strategy

I advise decision-makers on how to plan, prioritize, and execute UX Design processes that drive toward meaningful outcomes.

Selected work

For 12+ years, I’ve helped to deliver complex software products, content-heavy websites, and system-wide improvements to digital & IT services, such as:

Improving university IT service delivery

Comprehensive IT service improvement across four campuses at Tufts University, covering hardware, software, training, comms, self-service, and Help Desk procedures.

Simplifying a B2B insurance ecosystem

A design to merge content from 55 websites and thousands of PDFs into one centralized portal for agents doing business with John Hancock Insurance.

Communicating government benefits

A new structure for Mass.gov‘s content on Unemployment Assistance, a difficult-to-access government benefit that doubled in complexity in the wake of COVID-19.

Illuminating government data

Design concepts for new data products offered by the Massachusetts Data Office, representing large multi-agency government data initiatives.

Streamlining analysts’ workflows

Redesigned complicated workflows within AIR Worldwide’s insurance catastrophe risk modeling software.

Let’s talk

Work with me to explore a problem in a focused engagement, or hire me to go all-in on a large, extended project.

If you have a project or issue you’d like to discuss, please get in touch!

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