Dan Zollman

Information architecture, design, and strategy

Detailed list of skills & experience

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I started building websites in 2005 and have been working in the user experience (UX) field since 2011. Strategy and information architecture have been the centerpiece of my career, complemented by a generalist UX skill set.

I’ve spent much of my career in complex settings such as government, higher ed, and finance, in addition to meaningful agency roles. In those contexts, I’ve guided cross-functional teams through planning, research, analysis, and design for both public-facing and internally-facing experiences.

My work in large organizations, and my background in social science, have sensitized me to the people and process dynamics involved in technical change. Beyond having a product mindset, I apply service- and system-oriented lenses to UX problems and seek to build organizational capabilities as a byproduct of design engagements.



  • Coordination of the UX design process across design, development and content functions
  • Strategy definition for product, service, and software UX
  • Problem framing, visioning, and roadmapping
  • Training & coaching designers and non-designers through UX processes
  • Listening
  • Stakeholder engagement

Examples: At Last Call Media, I jumped into a struggling project and coordinated design, dev, and content activities across a client-agency team to deliver the client’s new corporate website. At Tufts University and Massachusetts Data Service, I led large, cross-departmental workshops which elicited critical stakeholder input on development roadmaps.


  • Planning and coordination of research activities, emphasizing qualitative research
  • Generative user research, user interviews, observation, contextual inquiry
  • Evaluative research & usability testing
  • Qualitative data analysis
  • Definition & evaluation of UX metrics

Examples: For the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, I conducted in-depth interviews about the employee experience at the Department of Unemployment Assistance. At Vanguard, I conducted contextual inquiry with call center representatives to guide IT decisions about CRM software. For the same organizations, I analyzed thousands of feedback form submissions and customer service call logs to uncover and prioritize recurring customer pain points.


  • Information architecture for complex websites, products, and services
  • Experience mapping (including journey mapping, service blueprinting) across multiple channels
  • Ideation, concept development, and prototyping for digital products
  • Feature & requirements definition
  • Software interaction design
  • Usability principles & best practices
  • UX design deliverables, such as wireframes and specifications
  • Collaboration with UI/visual designers, developers, and content specialists to ensure that business and design intent are carried through for a successful implementation

Examples: At Tufts University, I conducted extensive process/service mapping to help envision coordinated solutions for IT services touching multiple audiences, channels, and support teams. For AIR Worldwide, I built a complex interactive prototype that the company used to gather customer feedback on a technically challenging product idea that had not yet entered development.


I have a Bachelor of Science in Design, Innovation and Society from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. My studies in this interdisciplinary program explored the intersections between human-centered design, the social sciences, business, engineering, and communications.


See my resume or LinkedIn profile.

Organizations I’ve worked with


  • Massachusetts Digital Service (Mass.gov)
  • Massachusetts Data Office

Higher education:

  • Tufts University
  • Wentworth Institute of Technology


  • Society of St. Vincent de Paul Phoenix
  • NIH Toolbox

Finance & insurance:

  • Vanguard
  • AIR Worldwide (Verisk)
  • John Hancock Insurance
  • DentaQuest


  • Last Call Media
  • Boston Interactive

Professional services:

  • Seramount