About Dan Zollman

I’m an information architect and user experience (UX) strategist in the Boston area. I’m an analytical thinker (what Cooper might call a design communicator) who loves working on difficult problems and improving the world through strategic design.

For the past 10 years (see resume or LinkedIn), I’ve led UX strategy and design for complex web and multichannel services. I’ve become known by my colleagues as the go-to guy for the most difficult projects. I’ve taken ambiguous business challenges and guided cross-functional teams through definition, research, analysis, strategic roadmapping, and design—while training, coaching, and building organizational capabilities in design along the way.

I’m an avid reader and experimenter in design theory and methods, along with surrounding topics including systems thinking, organizational design, ethical design and technology, and the politics of design. In the summer of 2017, I took a mini-sabbatical to study some of these topics. I also organize a discussion group on Ethical Technology and Ethical Design, volunteer for the Information Architecture Institute (my professional association), and volunteer for the Technology Student Association (an extracurricular STEM program for middle and high school students).

For more information:

  • Contact me at dan [at] danzollman.com
  • See my resume or LinkedIn profile.
  • Portfolio and work samples are available by request.