Dan Zollman

Information architecture, design, and strategy

About Dan Zollman

I am a human-centered design professional in the Boston area with 12+ years’ experience working on complex products and services in government (Mass.gov), education (Tufts University), finance (Vanguard), and more.

I am seeking opportunities as a consultant & independent contractor, with a particular interest in projects and organizations that serve public interests. Read more about my consulting services in information architecture and UX strategy.

As a practitioner, I specialize in UX strategy, information architecture, and usability for both products and multi-channel services. I bring a strategic, systematic, and collaborative approach to make digital experiences easier and more effective for the people who rely on them. My colleagues know me as a go-to resource for some of the most difficult, messy, and ambiguous problems. In these situations, I have guided cross-functional teams through definition, research, analysis, roadmapping, and design, while training others and building organizational capabilities along the way.

I am guided by a strong sense of purpose and ethical responsibility. I apply this in practice, through the thoughtful consideration of stakeholders, intentions, and decisions made throughout the design process; and intellectually, through contributions to my field.

Writing, speaking, and community organizing

I’m active in my professional communities, engaging especially with topics such as information architecture, ethical & responsible design, theory of IA and design, and systemics in design. Contributions include:

Teaching information architecture and design

Ethical & responsible design, design, theory of information architecture

Community organizing

  • Organized the World IA Day Boston conference for three years (2019, 2020, and 2021)
  • Founded and managed an online community, Ethical Technology, from 2017-2019

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