About Dan Zollman

I am a human-centered design professional in the Boston area with 10+ years’ experience working on complex products and services in education, finance, and government. As of early 2021, I am seeking opportunities as an independent contractor & consultant, especially with purpose-driven organizations.

I bring a strategic, systematic, and collaborative approach to any situation where human (user) success is critical, whether that’s a public-facing digital service, internal services that support employees, a large content-driven website, or a complex enterprise application. I also bring a strong sense of purpose and ethical responsibility, always considering the needs of multiple stakeholders and the risks that the organization must anticipate.

As a practitioner, I specialize in UX strategy, information architecture, and usability for both products and multi-channel services. (I know a lot about UI design, too–but I’m not a UI designer.) My colleagues know me as a go-to person for some of the most difficult problems: I love a complicated challenge, and I go into ambiguous, messy situations with confidence and comfort. In these situations, I have guided cross-functional teams through definition, research, analysis, roadmapping, and design, while training others and building organizational capabilities along the way.

I organized the World IA Day Boston conference for three years (2019 – 2021) and the Information Architecture Academics & Practitioners Roundtable in 2020. I have also spoken about ethical & responsible design at the IA Roundtable, the Information Architecture Conference, the UXPA Boston conference, and the UIE All You Can Learn Library.

I love to discuss topics like: ethics in design and UX; theory and practice of information architecture; and systemics / systems approaches in design. Looking to learn more about topics like design leadership, facilitation, inclusive design, and systems approaches.

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