Dan Zollman

Information architecture, design, and strategy

Technology should be built for the right reasons.

I am a Boston, MA-based design professional committed to ethical, human-centered approaches in product and service management.

With specialties in information architecture (IA) and UX strategy, my work offers strategic clarity for teams who are navigating difficult user experience problems. I’ve spent 12+ years serving organizations in government, higher ed, finance, and more. Read more about my IA & UX consulting services →

I’m passionate about advancing design theory and practice toward positive societal outcomes. I explore this through writing, speaking, and community organizing around topics such as ethics, responsibility, and systemics in design.

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Upcoming workshops & events

July 20-21, 2023 in Salem, Massachusetts: I’ll be speaking at the Design4Drupal conference with an introductory session on designing website navigation: “Designing navigation for humans: information architecture techniques to organize a website effectively“.

Later in 2023: My workshop, Designing the Design Process: Beyond the Double Diamond will be presented again later in 2023 (details to be announced).

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If you’d like to discuss a project, explore an issue, or chat about doing design and information architecture in responsible and human-centered ways, please contact me!

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Kandinsky, Wassily. Circles in a Circle. 1923. https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Vassily_Kandinsky,_1923_-_Circles_in_a_Circle.jpg